Stone Dragon
Our Logo – a ceramic mosaic Dragon from Bai Dinh cave in Ninh Binh

It seems hard to think of more disparate collaborators, separated by geography, age, sex, religion, race, language and professions. But here we are.

Discover Ninh Binh was borne out of the confusion and fear of the pandemic and the numerous lock downs of that time. Forced into isolation, rather than weep, bemoan and blame, we decided to use the time to promote the things we had in common. A love and appreciation of the beauty of Ninh Binh Province, a deep interest in local history, a shared love of language and a strong desire to escape the confines of our “pandemic prisons”. We also pay homage to the various chat, video, messaging and remote technologies without which this project would have been impossible.

Overcoming the Odds

For some time Vietnam, indeed the World, was closed to foreign tourism, with no defined end in sight. While hysteria and sickness raged around us, we choose instead to believe in a future where once again this stunning country would be open to appreciation by all comers. Now that time has come we hope our efforts weren’t waste and Discover Ninh Binh will give you a deeper, more comprehensive knowledge of this jewel in Vietnam’s crown.

There were some practical difficulties to overcome first. One half of the production team was unable to return to Vietnam while in Vietnam itself, many of the attractions were closed down or refusing visitors. Rolling travel restrictions became a way of life. Persevering, with considerable expense and effort, eventually we gained access to each site we mention and so confirm or deny third party reports and representations. Once the restrictions were lifted, we visited most sites again, just to make sure the information was up to date.


It was a difficult time for all and although we have made the website “live”, there are still many places to visit and stories to tell. Ninh Binh has a history as old as Vietnam itself and if we haven’t included all the many faceted jewels that the province has to offer, it is a time/motion thing that we hope to remedy in future updates.

Much of the design and editorial work was performed by the Australian team while research, translations and corrections were on the Vietnamese side. However, at all times it has been a collaborative effort and the various roles were fluid according to need, interest and opportunity.  And friendship.

So a big chào mừng đén với website của chúng tôi from all of us here at Discover Ninh Binh!

Note: As of April 2023, Vietnam is again open to international tourism. However, travel restrictions and advisories may be in place and can affect the timing and feasibility of travel to Ninh Binh or Vietnam in general. Travelers should always check the latest information and guidelines from the government and health authorities before planning a trip.