Who we are

Our website address is: https://discoverninhbinh.com. Our contact details are in the footer of every page and we welcome relevant contributions and/or comments through those channels. We do not provide inline mailing addresses as these are frequently “crawled” by spam bots or worse.


We do not support inline comments at this time. We love feedback but in our experience, inline comments require a huge amount of effort to mediate and tend to attract the worse sort of spam bots and the ilk. If you have something you want to tell us we are happy to hear it via the social media links we provide in the footer of every page. If you do not subscribe to any of the services, our direct address is info@_nospam_discoverninhbinh.com – removing the “_nospam_” tag first, of course.


We do not allow uploads of media to the site. If you want to contributing, contact us through one of the media links on the footer of each page and we will get back to you with alternate channels to get your uploads to us. We do not pay for photos and the ilk but we do attribute any media or articles we use.


Cookies we use on this site collect “sanitized” information regarding location, browser user agent strings, time etc. We do use Google Analytics (in its myriad forms) to optimise the site and keep count of visits purely for statistical purposes used to improve the focus of our site and speed up content delivery on repeat visits. Discover Ninh Binh does not collect any personal identifiable data nor do we store any meta data.

Embedded content from other websites

Articles on this site may provide links to other sources for further research and/or interests of our visitors. Some of our photos are from the Creative Commons project and attributation is given when required. However we do not use embedded content from third party sites bar the Google Location maps provided where appropriate. The normal Google privacy and usage policies for their Map Service apply.

We assume that if you are doing any travel in VIetnam you are already using Maps and have signed off on their own Privacy Policy. For those who are not using Google Maps, their privacy policy is in the link above.

Any website will usually collect about visitors via cookies, embeded third-party tracking and IP monitoring. Please check each of these services own privacy policy for further information

Who we share your data with

We do not share data bar statistical information with Google Analytics. Most websites use some sort of tracking to rate their success of otherwise and to fine tune their content. As a small startup, we use the free Google Search console to index our site, to better our search engine optimisation and to get some feedback on what our most popular pages are.

If you are worried or interested in the sort of information Google collects and how it is used, we recommend you read the Google Privacy Policy . We have read the policy ourselves and believe nothing collected is of a personal nature or identifies individuals.

How long we retain your data

We do not retain any personally identifiable date..

What rights you have over your data

Under the GDPR you can request that we erase any personal data we hold about you. Since we do not store any personal data, your rights and privacy are respected by Discover Ninh Binh.

Where we send your data

Visitor IPs are flagged if unusual behavior is detected by our automated detection services. This data may be shared by such services with Discover Ninh Binh technical team and third party spam detection agencies. This is purely to maintain the privacy and safety of Discover Ninh Binh and keep it safe and secure for all our visitors.

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